Display Ray

A completely configurable digital signage solution

Display Ray is an Apple TV (tvOS) app available on the Apple App Store. It's Designed for business owners who want to display menus, advertising, information or really anything else on screens within their establishment.

Display Ray allows you to specify any number of images to be displayed at exact times throughout the day. For example, it will automatically update your menu from breakfast to lunch at 10:45am and then to dinner at 3:05pm, all without any manual interaction. Just set it and forget it for long-term dependability.

Configuration is done directly in Apple TV Settings, where you can set the images and times using the Apple TV -or- you can point it to a configuration file (JSON) located anywhere on the internet. Changes to the settings and/or configuration file are automatically loaded and updated anytime you start the app so keeping all your in-store displays up to date and in sync when things change is as easy as editing a text document. Unlike other digital signage solutions, Display Ray is a one time purchase, no subscriptions or in-app purchases are required to use it forever, on as many screens as you want.

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